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Understanding Share of Voice

A lot of brands on Amazon get overrun by competitors they didn’t even know existed. It is crucial for your business to understand competition, and it can spark inspiration around new marketing opportunities for your brand.

But are you monitoring your real competitors?

If it's been a while since you’ve researched your competition and your space in the market, make sure you prioritize this soon!

One of the best ways to learn who your real competitors are is performing a thorough share of voice (SOV) analysis.

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Conducting an SOV Analysis

SOV is a metric of the percentage of market your brand has compared to your competitors.

It shows a brand’s visibility and how much a particular brand dominates the conversation in a given industry or category.

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Why SOV?

Learning more about the environment where you are doing business is the key to success and growth in a market as crowded as Amazon.

Knowing your competitors on a brand, product, and keyword level allows you to monitor their moves closely, respond to their promotional moves adequately, and stay ahead of them by anticipating their moves.


How It Works

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Raymond Wu
Co-Founder & CEO, Wynd

Raymond Wu

“Our team at Wynd really enjoys working with the folks at Bobsled. They are knowledgeable about everything Amazon but more importantly, they really care about the brands they work with. We got started in Q4 of 2017 during the middle of the holiday season, and despite the hectic time, they were spot on in helping us get integrated and ready to go. We had a fantastic launch and continue to grow with Bobsled today.”

Lauren Archibald
Marketing Manager, Left Coast


“We worked with Bobsled to launch our Amazon Vendor Central account in Canada. Lauren was an awesome project manager and the whole team of experts were very knowledgeable and easy to work with. We plan to work with them for our Amazon.com launch soon. They provided a helpful off-boarding packet to help our team take over day-to-day management.”

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