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Retail Media Allocation

How to allocate retail media budget
like an expert… across a dizzying array of options

You’ll learn:

  • How to design a fluid advertising budget that meets customers where they are at in their journey
  • That not all ROAS calculations are equal…. And how to normalize results so you’re comparing apples with apples.
  • Why allocating budget by channel or retailer is a flawed approach, even though its the most obvious method
  • Which metrics are actually the most important to track (hint, it’s not just ROAS)
  • Tips and resources from other retail brands who are successfully allocating budgets and keeping their executive teams on board 
  • How to build a test-and-learn capability and learn from mistakes, so that even failures have a positive ROI
  • What is the ideal way to move the budget where it is most efficient and get the most bang for your buck?
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