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Instacart for CMOs

How Grocery Brands Can Harness the
Rapid Growth of Instacart


A book by Thought Leaders Kiri Masters and Stefan Jordev

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About the Book


Strategic resource for C-level marketing and retail executives for brands selling via the leading online grocery platform in North America: Instacart.

A must-read for the forward-thinking marketing professionals aiming to adapt to ‘the new normal’ and gain a competitive advantage on a burgeoning platform.


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What You'll Learn

✔ How Chief Marketing Officers and other executives within leading grocery brands and startups alike are leveraging Instacart as a marketing channel. The book includes exclusive interviews with retail industry executives, discussing their Instacart strategies.

✔ How Instacart has revolutionized online grocery delivery, and what this new state-of-play means for CPG brands.

✔ If investing in Instacart is the right move for your brand, and how Instacart should fit amongst your other digital channels.

✔ Demand generation on Instacart: how to use advertising and promotional tools to achieve meaningful results. Get a practitioner’s perspective on making Instacart advertising budget and strategy decisions based on data.

✔ The sticky challenge that most brands face around Instacart’s position in their P&L.

✔ Learn how to get the most out of Instacart’s platform, as well as a preview into what is likely coming in the near future.



Retail Industry Executives Who Are Contributing

▸Molly Dufner, Vice President eCommerce & Customer Experience, e.l.f Beauty
▸Jim Morgan, Head of eCommerce, Vita Coco
▸John Denny, VP eCommerce & Digital Marketing, CAVU Venture Partners
▸Julie Liu, Shopper Marketing Manager, Omnichannel, Clif Bar
▸Oshiya Savur, Vice President, Head of US Marketing & Education, Revlon
▸Todd Hassenfelt, Senior Director of eCommerce, Simple Mills
▸Ingrid Milman Cordy, Head of Digital and eCommerce, Nuun
▸Chris Cantino, Co-founder of Schmidt’s Naturals and Color VC
▸Dean McElwee, Integrated Commercial Lead of E-Commerce for Europe, the Kellogg Company
▸Halee Patel, VP of Ecommerce, Califia Farms
▸Keith Anderson, SVP Strategy and Insights, Profitero
▸Melissa Burdick, Co-Founder and President of Pacvue



📅 The book launched on March 10, 2021.




Why Instacart?


Instacart owns 71% of all online grocery delivery orders in the US, according to data from research firm Second Measure.

With more than 300 major retailers like Albertsons, ALDI, Costco, and CVS now leveraging Instacart’s fulfillment capabilities, CPG brands are recognizing the huge potential of this channel to elevate their sales.
As online grocery shopping continues to be a preferred buying channel, the race is on to meet shoppers where they want to transact.
But comparatively, Instacart is such a new promotional channel, that there is not yet the same level of time-honored, well-documented best practices, that we see in more established marketplaces like Amazon.
Instacart for CMOs offers the first and most comprehensive look into how other CPG brands are operating and maximising their Instacart sales channel. Dial in your marketing strategy on Instacart before your competitors wake up to the opportunity.


Jason Goldberg




About The Authors


Kiri Masters

Kiri Masters

Kiri Masters is the founder & CEO of Bobsled Marketing, a digital agency that helps established consumer brands grow their Amazon sales channel. The 'Bobsled Team' is a fully remote team of 25 Amazon experts that manage the Amazon sales channel for 60 consumer brands. Founded in 2015, the company is renowned in the space for its thought leadership, experience-driven processes, and powerful results.

After a successful career as a commercial banker at JPMorgan Chase, Kiri launched her first e-commerce business on Amazon. Recognizing the enormous potential of the channel, it wasn’t long until Kiri decided to build a team of true Amazon experts and provide a platform for brands that were looking to grow.

Today, Kiri is a contributor to Forbes, where she writes a weekly column about Amazon from a brand's perspective. She hosts the Ecommerce Braintrust podcast, co-hosts the Amazon For CMOs podcast, and is the author of two books - The Amazon Expansion Plan and Amazon For CMOs.



Stefan JordevStefan Jordev

Stefan Jordev is Director of Marketplace Strategy and Insights at Bobsled Marketing. He has been working in the digital marketing field for a decade. His past job experience includes roles involving Paid Social & Paid Search advertising management.

After joining Bobsled, Stefan's Amazon knowledge grew rapidly as he had access to industry-leading publications, Amazon certification programs and began working with a team of experts who are always up to date with Amazon’s latest developments. As Bobsled grew and made its mark on the industry, we started working with Amazon representatives for different sections of the business who keep us updated on what is coming next in Amazon’s world and how we should prepare for it.

Amazon Advertising is where creativity meets logic. Hours spent in keyword research are combined with active promotional strategies and videos that capture a product's USP. Stefan loves being able to create and review campaigns whose effects are evident days after they have been launched. The creative solutions that our PPC team comes up with on a daily basis to ensure the growth of Bobsled accounts are truly impressive!






Disclaimer:The contents of the book are the opinions of the authors.
This book is not authorized by Instacart, nor does Instacart sponsor the contents of the book.