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The Automated Product Fee Calculator

A single tool for all your
Amazon Seller Central fees

  • Are you considering a move from Vendor to Seller and want to know your margins?
  • Are you a 3P seller and need to make sure your catalog fee assessment is correct?

Download this FREE tool to calculate the resulting fees for hundreds of products simultaneously with precise accuracy.


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Fee Calculator

Calculate fees for hundreds of products simultaneously with precise accuracy.


Bulk Fee Auditing

The only tool available that allows
for bulk fee auditing for products not
yet in Amazon’s catalog



The excel file is user-friendly and
very easy to use.



The Automated Product
Fee Calculator is free to use.

Smart brands know that checking your fees isn’t a one-and-done process. Amazon can frequently change your product category or dimensions, resulting in you paying an incorrect fee for a product that had already been selling at a different lower fee for months. Amazon affords you some recourse to remedy this, but it’s best to try and catch these instances early via frequent fee monitoring. You’ll thank yourself when you’ve successfully avoided a lot of casework asking for reimbursements down the road.


Jordan Ripley

Client Project Manager