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Understanding Vendor Chargebacks

The Complete Guide

Learn the different types of chargebacks, how you can avoid them, and how to dispute them with Amazon
(even if you receive one in error!).

We're also sharing with you some of our most
successful best practices, tips and tricks.



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Amazon Chargebacks

The guide will explain all the different
types of chargebacks that can be incurred.


Healthy Profits

We'll share with you insights about
how you can prevent chargebacks.


Get Your Money Back

This knowledge can also help you understand how to dispute charges.


Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

Learn from our applied experience and follow our Amazon expert advice.


Real examples

This guide contains screenshots and relevant data tables.

As a vendor, you need to know what types of chargebacks there are, what operational metrics they tie to, and how to prevent or dispute them. This could help you to avoid unnecessary charges and achieve healthier profits.

This knowledge can also help you understand existing chargebacks, dispute them, and get your money back from Amazon—or work on ways to prevent these from happening in the future.


Armin Alispahic

Client Project Manager

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