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Full Channel Management Services to Grow Your Brand on Walmart

Reach more Walmart customers with our channel management and Walmart advertising services.

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Why Walmart?

  • Walmart is America’s largest omnichannel retailer.
  • Over 150 million US consumers shop on Walmart each year.
  • Reach Walmart shoppers across their buying journey through both performance media and display advertising capabilities.

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About The Service

Our recipe for success is targeting the 4 essential components of your Walmart presence. With the help of our Walmart consultants, your efforts will finally be reflected in revenue growth.

  • Operations - Simplify Walmart's operational management and improve channel profitability. Your Walmart inventory couldn't be in better hands.
  • Brand Protection & Customer Service - We defend your Walmart presence and help you achieve brand integrity. Unauthorized Walmart sellers stand no chance.
  • Organic Marketing & Promotions - Improve product visibility and grow your market share on Walmart through Walmart Content Optimization and SEO.
  • Paid Advertising (PPC) - Clarify your Walmart PPC strategy and support customer acquisition goals. Planning, launching and managing Walmart search and DSP.



How Barcel USA, Maker of Takis, Increased Sales on Walmart.com by 113x


Watch the testimonial from COLETTE RICHARDS,
Alternative Channels Senior Director of Sales, Barcel USA


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Bobsled for Walmart

Bobsled Marketing is a digital marketing agency that helps brands grow their online marketplace sales.

Established in 2015, Bobsled has years of proven results and experience in helping brands scale on Walmart. Our full-service capabilities include strategic consulting, advertising, and full channel management, allowing our clients to unleash the full power of online marketplaces like Walmart to reach net-new customers.

Bobsled offers a carefully assembled team of Walmart experts with experience you can trust.




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What else can Bobsled Marketing help you with?

Key Benefits

✔ Hassle-free, done-for-you Walmart account management

✔ NOT a "set it and forget it" approach

✔ Profitable revenue growth
✔ High-level insight & reporting and strategy planning
✔ Efficient time & resource management





Looking to expand to multiple marketplaces? You're covered! Bobsled provides support on Amazon, Instacart, and Walmart.


Read Pacvue’s Case Study:

We use Pacvue, the number 1 advertising technology provider in the space. This allows us to be more efficient with your ad-spend by controlling pacing, daypart bidding, and using rule-based automation. 

Why we’re different:

✔ 40+ Experienced marketplace experts

✔ 2018 First year of managing Walmart sales channel

✔ 100+ Active clients

✔ $20M+ Annual advertising spend under management